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Understanding the risks faced by your organisation and travellers is a key step in preventing and mitigating risk. 

In a rapidly changing world, having readily accessible, reliable intelligence, analysis and advice at your fingertips is vital.  But gathering and collating multiple source data can be both time consuming and costly. Planning can help to ensure that incidents that occur, do not escalate into crises.

Planning and Advisory

Planning and Advisory

Specialised, consultative services to assist in the development and review of travel risk management and safety plans, policies and procedures.


Threat and Risk Identification

Threat and Risk Identification 

Access to in-depth threat and risk assessments with specific insight on crime, conflict, terrorism, infrastructure, natural disaster, health and political/social matters and 24/7 emerging risk alerts.


Travel Safety Training Solutions

Training Solutions

Web and classroom-based training solutions including our online Travel Risk Awareness course or for travel to more challenging regions, Hostile Awareness Environment Training (HEAT).


Vetting and Due DiligenceVetting and Due Diligence

Comprehensive vetting and due diligence including investigations, background checks, licensing, references, country visits to assess security competencies and procedures.



Our dedicated team of experts can support you in managing your risk exposure before it affects your operations and reputation with:

•  Help to develop or tailor your processes, risk tolerances, protocols and emergency plans; ensuring you have robust strategies for managing incidents and communicating effectively should the need arise

•  Expert guidance and support in order to reduce impact and support business continuity

Sphere services enable you to keep your travellers informed and supported and your assets protected, visit our SAFEGUARD page for further details.


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