Case Study

Implementing a Travel Risk Programme

The Challenge

Our client, a leading UK university, sought to set up a comprehensive travel risk programme.

Duty of care was a priority for the university, which meant taking steps to maintain the well-being, safety and security of travellers. As an educational establishment they faced a unique set of challenges and a complex network of stakeholders.

With over 12,000 international travellers, the university recognised the need for an oversight of where they are at any given time and the importance of keeping them safe. They wanted to be able to support their travellers and efficiently respond to them if there was an incident.

Some staff regularly visited destinations with a high or extreme risk rating so required assessments, training and consultancy so they could make informed decisions and apply appropriate mitigation measures.

Our Solution

Securewest worked with the university to implement and roll out a travel risk management programme. Policies and procedures, where in place, had a complete overhaul, and new systems and protocols were set up to ensure the safety and security of travellers.

Consultancy and training services, along with Securewest’s travel risk technology platform, Sphere, provide pre-travel advisories, in-country tracking, live travel alerts and emergency support. The SPHERE platform manages the travellers’ risk exposure, reduces the impact of incidents and gives them the confidence that they have assistance when they need it.

Securewest provides support from its Global Response Centre which, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is run by experienced emergency responders.

Securewest Benefits

A comprehensive travel risk management programme

Access to insights and global alerts as well as travel risk advice so they can make more informed decisions

More risk-aware travellers who have undertaken pre-travel training

An oversight of where all staff and students are at any given time

Enhanced duty of care and increased safety of their travellers

The ability to locate people travelling to high-risk destinations

The support of a 24-hours, 7-day a week Global Response Centre

Improved booking process

More engaged workforce

What the client said…

For those travelling to high and extreme risk destinations the consultancy that Securewest has given us has been invaluable. We’ve had staff go to Afghanistan, on to the Syrian border, and parts of Pakistan and the Philippines that we would just have never gone to before, so it has effectively enabled travel.

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