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Corporate travellers are facing more risk than ever before, with regions being previously deemed as ‘safe’, now being considered high risk due to extreme travel restrictions and health concerns. Including risk mitigation solutions in everyday travel management is essential to prepare your clients for these situations. It also covers their Duty-of-Care commitments and adds value to the services you already provide.

We can work closely with you, sharing our risk management knowledge, giving you the competitive edge when approaching new clients and tenders. We have also established a referral model so if you recommend Securewest to one of your corporate clients, you will receive a commission.

Using our experience and specialist knowledge, our comprehensive range of tools will help your clients Prepare, Safeguard and Respond, whilst fulfilling their legal and ethical obligations. Developed in line with best practice and industry standards, our services combine security, medical, and technology expertise with 24/7/365 global response.

Our world-class technology platform and mobile application, SPHERE, enables seamless integration with Travel Management Companies so travellers can easily access itineraries, flight updates, and pre-determined risk alerts with suggested mitigation measures.

How it works

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Our Solutions

No two organisations are the same, so from initial guidance to a fully outsourced risk management solution, our services can be scaled to meet your client’s requirements and support their existing framework, no matter the size of their business.

  • Travel Risk Management Strategy Development
  • Gap Analysis of Policies and Processes
  • Policy and Process Review
  • 24/7 Global Alerts
  • Pre-travel Training
  • Threat and Risk Assessments
  • Secure Journey Management
  • SPHERE Travel Risk Platform
  • 24/7 Global Response Centre
  • Check-in and Active Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Travel Risk Management Programme

Securewest Benefits

Bespoke solutions tailored to your client’s size and sector

Developed in line with best practice and industry standards

Support duty-of-care obligations, informed decision making and business resilience

Supporting your competitive advantage during client tenders

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