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Travel Safety & Security Awareness

An online Travel Risk Awareness course focusing on practical information to give travellers the knowledge to recognise and reduce risks, and advice on what to do should an incident occur.

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Travel Safety & Security Awareness

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In an ever-changing world, the risks faced by international travellers are constantly evolving too. Duty of care is no longer an ethical concern, but a legal obligation.

The risks of working in regions of conflict or natural disaster and the threats of targeted crime and terrorism are increasingly unpredictable. While most trips are usually incident free, it’s still important to put the necessary measures in place to protect your staff, assets and reputation.

With over 30 years’ experience of Risk Management to draw on, we have devised an online and interactive Travel Awareness Awareness course for travellers. It focuses on practical information to give travellers the knowledge to recognise potential risks, guidance on how to reduce those risks and advice on what to do should an incident occur.

The course is designed to be viewed across multiple devices and is divided into a series of modules so users can learn where and whenever they want. Its style is engaging and interactive with informative videos and case studies that aid learning.

Short quizzes in each module allow learners to measure their progress and confirm their understanding, and a final multiple-choice assessment tests their knowledge. Reporting on candidate progress and final attainment can provide organisations with an audit trail for compliance purposes.

What’s in this course?

The course includes the following modules:

Introduction To Travel Risk Awareness

This introductory topic examines travel risk and explores why training is important.

Pre-travel Preparation

This topic explores all the things users should research, pack and do before travelling.

Cyber Safety

Focuses on the risks around using digital devices and services when travelling, with the aim of preventing data breaches, in order to keep sensitive personal and organisational data secure.

Air Travel

Explores how travellers should conduct themselves before departure, in the air and on arrival. It also looks at what to do if something goes wrong.

In-country Security Awareness

This module covers how to move around a destination safely, including guidance on using different types of transport. It considers behaviours and conduct that can help keep travellers safe, hotel safety and how to react in case of an incident.

Terrorism Awareness, Conduct And Survival

This topic explores ideas of where terrorism can occur and gives advice on how to respond if you are caught up in a terrorist incident.


Users explore what is meant by surveillance; who might be targeted and why. They also look at the different types of surveillance and identify the best conduct for staying safe.

Dealing With An Incident

This section considers what to do if involved in an incident. Looking at how incidents can affect a country’s infrastructure and giving users techniques and strategies to reduce the impact on their organisation and their own safety.

Kidnap Awareness, Conduct And Survival

Although kidnapping is very rare, knowing what to do can change the outcome of any kidnapping attempt. This topic explores the different types of kidnapping, techniques for avoiding kidnap and how to react in the safest way if you are kidnapped.

Optional Modules include:

Female Travellers

An optional module that focuses on issues and considerations that specifically affect female travellers.

LGBTQ Travellers

This optional module aimed at LGBTQ travellers, focuses on issues and considerations that could affect them when travelling

Tailored training

Our training can be customised to meet client needs. We include training for diverse traveller groups and tailor the training to the size of your business and the sector you are in. Where required, eLearning content can be amended to be in line with your branding, policies and procedures.

For more information on our training courses please e-mail or call 01548 856001. If you’d like to find out more about our Travel Risk Management services click here.

Who should take this course?

Anyone travelling on behalf of an organisation.

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