Securewest answers call for help from a Prime Minister’s close protection team

At Securewest International we never know when the next request for urgent help will come, who it will be from or the exact nature of the enquiry. We are always ready for a challenge, especially at short notice.

Six days before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II funeral a call was received from the close protection team of a Commonwealth Prime Minister due to arrive in the UK within three days to attend the funeral. Due to the unprecedented demands of this event they urgently required secure transportation which they were finding challenging to source themselves.

There are only a limited number of armoured cars in the UK (except Northern Ireland) as demand is generally low. Through our partnership network we identified and sourced an armoured vehicle and a highly experienced driver. Our quick response and prompt actions allowed us to obtain the vehicle ahead of other dignitaries in a similar situation.

Securewest International’s consultant, a former police superintendent, carried out comprehensive due diligence ensuring the standard of quality and security met expectations. This included looking at the armament, presentation, suitability and completing background checks. The driver’s experience was particularly significant, and the person hired was a driver for a former British Prime Minister.

John Casson MBE, Chairman of Securewest International said “This was a very interesting challenge, and I am delighted to have provided a solution in such a tight timeframe. The client was extremely grateful and has now safely returned to their country.”

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