Travel Advice Update 30 December 2019 – 5 January 2020

The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) regularly updates their travel advice. For week commencing 30th December some of the regions they updated are included below.

At Securewest we aim to support and enable travel. Whilst we recommend you read the FCO website, if you are thinking of travelling to these regions we can offer independent advice and services so you can make informed decisions and apply appropriate risk mitigation measures.

E-mail for further information about our services including Global Alerts, Country Reports and Threat and Risk Assessments.

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[swflag link=”” title=”Montenegro” country=”ME”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Chile” country=”CL”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Iran” country=”IR”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Iraq” country=”IQ”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Lebanon” country=”LB”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Afghanistan” country=”AF”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Israel” country=”IL”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Syria” country=”SY”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Yemen” country=”YE”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Turkey” country=”TR”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Saudi Arabia” country=”SA”]

[swflag link=”” title=”United Arab Emirates” country=”AE”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Bahrain” country=”BH”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Kuwait” country=”KW”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Qatar” country=”QA”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Oman” country=”OM”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Egypt” country=”EG”]

[swflag link=”” title=”Guinea” country=”GN”]



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