Travel is a risky business whatever the size of your company

Whilst most trips are usually incident free, it’s still vital to put the necessary measures in place to protect your staff, assets and reputation. Many large corporations and forward-thinking SMEs have travel risk management programmes to ensure the safety of their travellers. However, for several SMEs travel risk doesn’t seem to be given the same degree of importance and in some cases it’s not even on the agenda even though the risks they face are the same.

FIVE practical steps your business can take to improve your traveller’s safety:

STEP ONE – Make safety a priority

Regularly review and evaluate your policies and procedures to ensure they are up to date, relevant and meet the requirements of legislation and best practice.

STEP TWO – Read the small print

Many businesses believe they are covered by their insurance company however this is often inaccurate. Look your insurance cover in line with your other policies to identify any gaps in provision. And don’t forget check that your destination is included!

STEP THREE – Do your research

It is essential to research the areas to which you are travelling to gain an accurate real-time picture. Regional risk assessments help to identify threats, highlight the level of risk and make mitigation recommendations.

STEP FOUR – Assess the individuals you have travelling

Safety requirements vary according to the individual, with some groups being at greater risk than others in certain places. By providing pre-travel training and briefings the level of risks can be reduced.

STEP FIVE – Provide support

When things do wrong you need to be able to respond quickly and effectively.  Measures need to be put in place so you know exactly where your travellers are, you can communicate with them and provide fast assistance.

Securewest International provides travel risk consultancy, pre-travel training, regional threat assessments, travel alerts, check-in, monitoring, in country ground services and have a Global Response Centre operating 24/7/365. If you would like any information or advice on the above please contact our team:

t. +44 (0)1548 856001

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