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Offering so much more than just tracking, the SPHERE App can turn your smartphone into a travel risk and lone worker support tool.

More and more of us are travelling and working away from home and whilst it is easy to take this for granted, there are always risks associated with operating remotely. Though most trips are usually incident free, it’s still important for travellers and remote workers to prepare and be able to respond if an incident occurs.

Our easy-to-use application for both iOS and Android is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play. Once registered, it offers travellers and lone workers a range of features to ensure they are fully supported from planning phase to safe arrival home.

From pre-travel advisories to in-country tracking, live travel alerts and emergency support, the app can help manage your travel risk exposure, reduce the impact of incidents and give employees the confidence that they will have assistance when they need it.

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Travel Advice

‘Travel Advice’ and information for the chosen destination including health, security and risk. Location-specific information such as emergency numbers and vaccination requirements as well as risk ratings give travellers confidence to face unfamiliar locations.


Allows the traveller to share real-time GPS positions, via the ‘Tracking’ platform, at the press of a button. Combined with check-in functions and geo-fencing capability, this ensures SPHERE offers a comprehensive live picture of the locations of your people and assets worldwide.


Two-way ‘Messaging’ enables the traveller to communicate via the app with their office or our 24/7 Global Response Centre, allowing the communication of potentially vital information that can provide reassurance and assistance when travelling.

Monitor Me

Using ‘Monitor Me’ the traveller can set check-in frequency, position report activation, movement monitoring and an automated call to the response centre if required.


The ‘SOS’ icon enables the traveller to alert our dedicated Global Response Centre and/or chosen representatives that the traveller requires immediate assistance.

Travel Alerts

Throughout their trip, travellers can receive situational awareness updates and live ‘Travel Alerts’ of emerging risks and incidents that may impact their activities. This allows them to respond effectively and make informed decisions about any changes to the risks faced.


An easy-to-use function that allows travellers and lone workers to manually ‘Check-in’ using a pre-defined schedule or adhoc with automated reminders.

Quick Call

‘Quick Call’ allows users to contact our dedicated 24/7/365 Global Response Centre at the push of a button. The traveller can also add unique numbers to assist in the event of an incident that could include emergency services or organisational points of contact.


The ‘Itineraries’ tool allows the traveller to view their travel schedule, once it has been approved within the SPHERE Travel Risk Management Platform, for easy access during their planned travel.


The Bluetooth ‘Device’ function pairs the app with any suitable, supported Bluetooth device to enable easy and discreet ‘SOS’ activation in situations where using a smartphone could compromise the traveller or lone worker.

What next – book a demo

If you would like more information or a demonstration of the app then please contact Securewest on: