Updated Country Information and Risk Assessment

Our SPHERE travel risk services help to keep your mobile workforce safe. For clients using this service we want to let you know in advance that there will be changes to the country and risk information on the app and portal, powered by our technical partner Safeture, at the end of the month.

We continue to improve and perfect our platform to give you and your travellers an even better experience than you had before.

The changes will come into effect at the end of this month (October 2022), the overall structure will remain largely the same with tabs including: Overview, Travel, Culture, Medical, and Covid-19 information. However, we will enhance the content of each of the tabs to provide a better understanding of a country and risk assessment.

To provide a better, more concise intelligence of countries and risk assessment, we’ve changed the number of risk categories from ten to seven. The risk assessment categories will be the following:

1. Armed Conflict
2. Civil Unrest
3. Crime
4. Health
5. Kidnap and Ransom
6. Militancy
7. Political

Previous risk categories, such as Environment, Infrastructure, and Transport will be available in the country information, but not as independent risk categories.

The risk assessment information will consist of:
Description – a summary of a country’s overall risk assessment with recent and upcoming risk developments/changes
Risk Categories – risk category to include overall risk level for each category and risk assessment summary

Risk levels indicate the likelihood of a threat to have an actual or potential impact on travel, the safety of people, or operations, and are described as follows:

• Negligible: the likelihood of a threat is low, with minimal security risks.

• Low: the likelihood of a threat is limited. No substantial risk of physical harm, likely travel/operational disruptions

• Medium: the likelihood of a threat is presumed. Some risk of physical harm, likely additional travel/operational disruptions; maintain heightened vigilance

• High: the likelihood of a threat is probable. Considerable potential of physical harm, likely additional travel/operational disruptions; avoid non-essential travel to the area.

• Critical: the likelihood of being affected by a threat is severe. Professional support is required. Virtually certain potential of physical harm, likely additional travel/operational disruptions; avoid all travel to the area.

The overall risk level is based on the combined levels of different kinds of risks (crime, health, civil unrest, armed conflict, political, etc.) adjusted to the local context to reflect how the risks impact the operating environment in the country, travel risk:

Negligible Risk – Travel can continue free from risk
Low Risk – Travel can continue as usual, while adhering to cultural norms and local laws
Medium Risk – Travel can continue while adhering to relevant security precautions
High Risk – Travel should be limited to business-essential only
Critical Risk – Avoid all travel

Country information consists of:

• Currency and the use of Money – national currency and use of money and cards
• Cities – description of major cities with useful information and risk areas
• Infrastructure – communications, utilities, and electricity
• Geographical Features – description of physical, and geographical aspects of a country
• Links – links to useful government and local authorities
• Calendar – upcoming events and celebrations

• Overview – a description of general travel features, services, and quality
• Passport and Visa – passport validity and visa requirements
• Difficulties for Specific Nationalities – difficulties that certain nationalities may experience upon arrival to a country
• International Air Travel – main international airports and facilities
• Domestic Air Travel – local airports

• Traditions and Customs – main traditions, customs
• Female Travellers – useful information for female travellers
• Religion – major religions and beliefs
• Dos and Don’ts – customs, established ways, and etiquette

• Medical Facilities – state of medical services and emergency care in a country

• General risk level: Low, Medium, High, Critical
• Overview – information on the pandemic’s development, country’s approach, movement regulations, and restrictions

If you are a client and would like further information on this update please contact your account manager.

For new clients we are offering a free demo and 30 day free trial of our SPHERE travel risk app and portal.  For more information contact sales@securewest.com 

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