Weekly Maritime Summary 29 June – 5 July 2021

The Securewest International Global Response Centre (GRC) recorded 8 maritime related incidents during the reporting period of 29 June – 5 July 2021.

Maritime Incident Map

The following incidents were recorded:

  • 30-JUN-21 – Boarding – The underway bulk carrier J MARE was boarded by four perpetrators whilst in position 38nm E of Singapore Port, Singapore. The perpetrators escaped upon being sighted. Nothing was reported as stolen.
  • 30-JUN-21 – General Security Warning – MDAT-GOG reported an increased threat of piracy in Zone F in the Gulf of Guinea.
  • 30-JUN-21 – Robbery – The tanker MAERSK BORNEO, was boarded whilst at Callao Anchorage in Peru. After a search was conducted it was found that ship’s spares had been taken.
  • 02-JUL-21 – Maritime Information Advisory – It was confirmed that firing with live ammunition by Air Defence units will be carried out on 06th and 08th July, further details – Link
  • 03-JUL-21 – Attack – An underway container ship CSAV TYNDALL was reportedly attacked in the Strait of Hormuz. Full details are yet to be confirmed.
  • 03-JUL-21 – Migrant and Refugee – At least 43 migrants and refugees are feared to have drowned while 84 were rescued after a shipwreck off Tunisia’s coast.
  • 04-JUL-21 – Migrant and Refugee – UK authorities intercepted six attempted crossings involving 212 people, adding that French authorities reported seven interceptions, preventing 238 people from reaching the UK.
  • 05-JUL-21 – General Security Warning – The following was issued by MDAT-GOG; Mariners are advised to exercise extreme caution when transiting this area. (Zone E) Coordinates: A) 023000N 0073000E B) 023000N 0023000E C) 050000N 0023000E D) 050044N 0051317E E) 042059N 0060326E F) 043532N 0072606E.


Maritime warningGeneral Security Warning: Warnings/Incidents which do not fit in the other categories but enhance the situational awareness.
Migrant IncidentMigrant and Refugee Incident: This could involve Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, or information about a boat capsizing and people drowning, or an attack on the group.

Maritime AttackAttack: It is clear that weapons have been discharged against the vessel or a clear attempt to board the vessel has been made by the attacking vessel (s).
Robbery IncidentRobbery: Theft from a vessel or from persons aboard the vessel.
Boarding IncidentBoarding: Unauthorized boarding of a vessel by persons not part of its complement without successfully taking control of the vessel.

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