Weekly Maritime Summary 9 – 15 March 2020

The Securewest Global Response Centre (GRC) recorded three maritime related incidents during the reporting period of 9-15 March 2020:

Maritime Weekly Summary 9 15 March 2020

  • 12-MAR-20 – Boarding – The anchored chemical tanker ENDEAVOUR II was boarded in General Santos anchorage, Philippines. Intruders escaped and nothing was stolen
  • 15-MAR-20 – General Security Warning – U.S. Maritime 2020-006-Global-Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Advisory
  • 15-MAR-20 – Suspicious Approach – An anchored MV was approached in Kwanda Anchorage area, Angola. Two skiffs carrying four and six persons, one weapon was sighted onboard of one skiff


Boarding IncidentBoarding: Unauthorized boarding of a vessel by persons not part of its complement without successfully taking control of the vessel.
Maritime warningGeneral Security Warning: Incidents which do not fit in the other categories, but enhance the    situational awareness, e.g. flag state advisories or an attack on a non- commercial vessel such as a warship
Suspicious ApproachSuspicious Approach: All other unexplained activity in close proximity by an unknown vessel.

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