A partnership set to enhance travellers’ safety

The strategic partnership between Safeture and Securewest International will provide employees with a leading safety app, real-time risk information, and access to a global response and assistance centre when safety and security have never been more critical.

Safeture, the Swedish-based SaaS company, has recently signed a partnership agreement with Securewest International, a prominent provider of travel risk management services. Clients of Securewest International, including universities, NGOs, and corporate customers, have all moved over to this market-leading app and platform, and their employees are reaping the benefits.

Combining Safeture’s world-renowned technical capability for employee safety and Securewest’s 24/7 response and travel risk management expertise provides a bespoke, cost-effective solution that addresses an organisation’s specific needs for employee safety and a duty of care program.

“This collaboration allows us to concentrate on the services we deliver, knowing our clients are receiving the best technical software on the market for traveller safety. We can provide our clients with oversight of where their travellers are around the world and monitor emerging risks and incidents in real-time”, says John Casson MBE, Chairman of Securewest International.

“This is a tried and tested system with some of the largest organisations globally using it for their travellers. Companies often fear changing systems however our existing and new clients who have switched over have found the onboarding process very efficient. I would urge companies thinking of changing or looking to enhance their employee safety to get in touch with us.”

Safeture’s new partnership strategy was adopted in 2021. Since then, several new partners have been added, and the company today has a vast global network of customers in the security industry.

“Securewest International is an established and essential partner for us in the UK. This clearly shows that our strategy is right. As an independent partner to the world’s security companies, we get the maximum out of our technical platform “, says Magnus Hultman, CEO of Safeture. Through this collaboration, organisations can be more equipped to manage potential risks ensuring business continuity.

If you are interested in finding out more about our travel risk management service we are currently offering a free demo and 30 day free trial for the SPHERE platform and app.  For more information contact info@securewest.com 

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