Case Study

Student Evacuation

from Peru

The Incident

In February 2024, we had contact with three work-abroad students from a leading UK University. The students were in La Libertad, Northwestern Peru, working for an NGO. Throughout their time working abroad, there was a significant increase in crime. The students had been close to a shooting incident in a local shopping mall and one of their friends had been robbed. The government enforced a regional State of Emergency and deployed security forces onto the streets. As a result, the students were worried for their safety and eager to return home early from their work abroad experience.

Our Support

We responded to this incident and confirmed the students’ immediate safety. The Securewest International team kept in regular contact with them and offered continuous reassurance through our SPHERE travel risk management App. We updated their parent organisation and our 24/7 Global Response Centre (GRC) had ongoing communication with them throughout. Following pre-agreed protocols with the University, our next step was to ensure that the students received the appropriate support from their insurance provider during this terrifying ordeal. Alongside the insurance provider, we successfully repatriated the students using an international flight.

Our Solution

Our SPHERE travel risk management (TRM) app provides detailed country risk reports and real-time incident alerts so travellers are fully aware of what is happening in their location. They will receive this information before travelling so they can arrive in country prepared and aware of the security risks they may encounter. Our Operations team is always on hand to provide face-to-face pre-travel risk assessments to answer any queries or concerns that travellers may have. Ensuring safety is our top priority. That’s why we provide pre-travel guidance, empowering students and educational institutions to make informed decisions on whether to proceed with the trip or postpone/cancel it. Alongside this, our 24/7 Global Response Centre (GRC) provides support, advice and response anytime, anywhere in the world. In the case of an incident, our experienced emergency responders will rapidly assist, managing and supporting travellers following the agreed incident response protocols.

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