Emergency Evacuation Plan

Just after the Russian invasion of Ukraine one of the world’s leading marine solutions providers to the oil and gas sector contacted Securewest to request an emergency evacuation plan. The company had a team of 5 personnel made up of 3 British nationals and 2 from other European countries working on a contract in Murmansk, Russia. They needed to leave the country urgently amid the mounting crisis in Ukraine. The level of uncertainty surrounding the conflict meant that as a duty of care to their team they wanted to ensure their safe return home before the situation escalated further.

Securewest worked with the client to find out their detailed requirements and from receiving the initial request until we provided the solution and quotation, it took less than 12 hours. Time was crucial and Securewest were the only company that provided an effective solution in such a short timeframe.

This is just one example of how we have supported an organisation’s duty of care. If your organisation requires an emergency evacuation plan there are many considerations which your chosen provider should discuss with you.

Below we have listed our 10 considerations before developing the solution to ensure a comprehensive plan is produced and if any other services are required:

  1. Immediate threat level
  2. Time-frames
  3. Preparation
  4. Communications channels
  5. Key personnel
  6. Emergency numbers and key contacts
  7. What your personnel need to have on them
  8. Route options and preferred methods of travel
  9. Agreed assembly and check-in points
  10. Entry requirements of the country you are travelling to

Should you require any support during this unprecedented time, please contact our team today sales@securewest.com

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