Maersk Alabama Hijacking

Remember the Maersk Alabama hijacking made famous by the 2013 film Captain Phillips, starring Tom Hanks?

Four Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean seized a U.S. flagged cargo ship travelling from Oman to Kenya in 2009. Remarkably the first U.S. vessel in 200 years that pirates had set foot on. A series of events happened which led to the capture of Captain Richard Phillips who was taken aboard one of the Maersk Alabama lifeboats.

Did you know Securewest through our Maritime Assistance Centre was the first to know about the incident, alerting the United States Coastguard and other key personnel and authorities. The incident ended on the 12 April after one pirate surrendered and three were killed by Navy SEAL snipers.

Securewest was highly commended by Maersk and the United States Coastguard for the professional way the incident was handled. 14 years on and we still run a Maritime Assistance Centre and offer Ship Security Alert System Monitoring and Management services.

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