Risk Map 2024

This year, we have seen significant changes in travel risks globally. Notably, the Middle East has escalated to a critical level, whereas countries like Australia and Finland have witnessed positive developments. The 2024 Risk Map offers detailed insights by examining not only entire countries but also specific regions. It evaluates various factors such as security, crime rates, health risks and medical accessibility. Additionally, the map highlights ten countries that should be avoided at present, along with identifying the ten most perilous cities worldwide. This underscores the significance of employing robust risk management tools for travellers.

Risks are categorised into the following five levels:

  • Negligible – The political system is stable, with a high standard of governance, low corruption, and effective law enforcement. Environmental and travel hazards are limited. The area is deemed safe to travel to with no considerable threats to travellers.
  • Low – The political system is mostly stable, with predictable governance structures. Low to moderate levels of crime. The area is deemed safe to travel to with no considerable threats to travellers.
  • Moderate – Political stability faces challenges from social and economic conditions that contribute to unrest. The government’s capacity to deliver essential services is challenged. It is mostly safe to travel, but receiving specialised advice is recommended.
  • High – The region is extremely volatile with localised insurgencies / criminal gangs / terrorist organisations. Poor health facilities and / or environmental factors could limit movement across the region.
  • Critical – The region is extremely volatile, with widespread conflict affecting businesses, visitors and local populations. Lack of health facilities and/or environmental factors limit movement across the country.

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