Weekly Maritime Summary 31 Aug – 06 Sept 2021

The Securewest International Global Response Centre (GRC) recorded 16 maritime related incidents during the reporting period of 31 Aug – 6 Sept 2021.

Maritime Incident Map

The following incidents were recorded:

  • 31-AUG-21 – Drugs Interdiction – 220kg of ketamine seized from container ship in Hong Kong.
  • 31-AUG-21 – Drugs Interdiction – 290kg of cocaine intercepted at Beruwala Harbour, Sri Lanka.
  • 31-AUG-21 – Drugs Interdiction – 30kg of cocaine discovered at the port of Mersin, Turkey.
  • 31-AUG-21 – Drugs Interdiction – U.S. officials seize 24kg of cocaine off the coast of Long Island, New York.
  • 31-AUG-21 – Drugs Interdiction – U.S. Customs find 464.5kg of cocaine on ferry bound for San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • 31-AUG-21 – Drugs Interdiction – Dominican authorities seize 900kg of cocaine.
  • 31-AUG-21 – Boarding – Product tanker boarded at Fazedinha Anchorage, Brazil.
  • 01-SEP-21 – Refugee and Migrant Incident – 100 migrants rescued off Gran Canaria, Spain.
  • 01-SEP-21 – Refugee and Migrant Incident – 191 migrants rescued off the Italian island of Lampedusa.
  • 01-SEP-21 – Refugee and Migrant Incident – 1,000 migrants rescued off the Libyan coast.
  • 03-SEP-21 – General Security Warning – U.S. MARAD have released the following advisory relating to increased threats to merchant vessels operating in the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Aden, Bab al Mandeb Strait, Red Sea, and Western Indian Ocean geographic areas
  • 05-SEP-21 – Maritime Information Advisory – UKMTO have released notice 002/SEP/2021 relating to naval ships conducting live fire practice off the coast of Pakistan Link.
  • 05-SEP-21 – Boarding – Bulk carrier boarded whilst anchored off Libreville, Gabon. Two crew members were injured and one is missing, possibly kidnapped.
  • 05-SEP-21 – Refugee and Migrant Incident – UK Border Force bring four children and an infant ashore in Dover, Kent.
  • 06-SEP-21 – Refugee and Migrant Incident – Reports indicate that over 1000 migrants have attempted to cross the English Channel, marking a new daily record high.
  • 06-SEP-21 – Approach – Attempted boarding of a bulk carrier at Tema Anchorage, Ghana.
Migrant IncidentMigrant and Refugee Incident: This could involve Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, or information about a boat capsizing and people drowning, or an attack on the group.
Maritime Information Advisory iconMaritime Information Advisory: Notable maritime updates e.g., Military exercises, Curfews and Advisories.
Boarding IncidentBoarding: Unauthorized boarding of a vessel by persons not part of its complement without successfully taking control of the vessel.
Drugs InterdictionDrugs Interdiction: Focused on interrupting illegal drugs smuggled by sea, usually a large number of drugs are seized.
Maritime warningGeneral Security Warning: Warnings/Incidents which do not fit in the other categories but enhance the situational awareness.
ApproachApproach: Any event that is suspicious enough to warrant consideration and includes actions by a suspicious vessel closing on a steady bearing, having a very close CPA, and/or pirate paraphernalia/weapons clearly seen on display as a show of force.

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