Weekly Maritime Summary 6-12 July 2021

The Securewest International Global Response Centre (GRC) recorded 12 maritime related incidents during the reporting period of 6-12 July 2021.

Maritime Incident Summary

The following incidents were recorded:

  • 06-JUL-21 – Suspicious Approach – An underway MV southwest of Douala, Cameroon reported two skiffs following and crossing her position whilst travelling at 22 knots. One of the skiffs approached within 2.5 nm.
  • 07-JUL-21 – Maritime Information Advisory – An explosion was reported onboard the vessel MV OCEAN TRADER, in the port of Jebel Ali, UAE. The exact nature of the explosion is unknown.
  • 08-JUL-21 – Robbery – The tanker, OCEAN MORAY, was boarded by two intruders and robbed whilst at Belawan Anchorage, Indonesia. Two fire hose couplings were stolen.
  • 08-JUL-21 – General Security Warning – The following US MARITIME Advisory was issued: MSCI Advisory 2021-007 – Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman, Arabian Sea, Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, and Indian Ocean – Threats to commercial vessels by Iran and its proxies.
  • 08-JUL-21 – Robbery – The anchored bulk carrier MACHITIS was boarded and robbed approximately 14 nm SSW from Conakry Port in Guinea.
  • 08-JUL-21 – General Security Warning – The following US MARITIME Advisory was issued: MSCI Advisory 2021-008 – Gulf of Guinea – Piracy/Armed robbery/Kidnapping for ransom.
  • 09-JUL-21 – General Security Warning – MDAT-GOG reported that there is a heightened risk of piracy within the following area: a. 022335N 0095021E b. 022502N 0035745E c. 025702S 0040011E d. 025514S 0100212E.
  • 09-JUL-21 – Stowaway – Commodore Mohammed of the Nigerian Navy reported that in the last 12 months 97 stowaways had been arrested across Lagos waters.
  • 09-JUL-21 – Migrant and Refugee – UK Border Force confirmed approximately 30 to 40 migrants arrived in three boats on Kent’s coast.
  • 10-JUL-21 – Migrant and Refugee – UK Border Force reported that 225 migrants crossed the English Channel. On the same day French authorities reported intercepting a further 131 migrants.
  • 11-JUL-21 – Migrant and Refugee – Approximately 22 migrants successfully crossed the English Channel.
  • 12-JUL-21 – Suspicious Approach – A container ship was suspiciously approached by one skiff with seven to eight persons on board approximately 103 nm SW of Sierra Leone.


Maritime warningGeneral Security Warning: Warnings/Incidents which do not fit in the other categories but enhance the situational awareness.
Migrant IncidentMigrant and Refugee Incident: This could involve Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, or information about a boat capsizing and people drowning, or an attack on the group.

Maritime AttackAttack: It is clear that weapons have been discharged against the vessel or a clear attempt to board the vessel has been made by the attacking vessel (s).
Robbery IncidentRobbery: Theft from a vessel or from persons aboard the vessel.
Boarding IncidentBoarding: Unauthorized boarding of a vessel by persons not part of its complement without successfully taking control of the vessel.
Suspicious ApproachSuspicious Approach: All other unexplained activity in close proximity by an unknown vessel.
StowawayStowaway: A person(s) who hides aboard a ship in order to obtain free transportation

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